Nikken CNC105/CNCZ105 Compact Rotary Table

Technical Specification: 

Code / Item Number CNC105 CNCZ105 Diameter of Table ømm 105 105 Diameter of Spindle Hole ømm ø60 X ø30 ø60 X ø30 Centre Height mm 105 105 Width of T Slot mm ø10H7 Pin Hole ø10H7 Pin Hole Clamping System Air Air Clamping Torque N.m 205 205 Table Inertia at Motor Shaft kg m2x10-3 0.06 0.06 Servo Motor min-1 1/5000i . 2000 1/5000i . 2000 MIN. Increment 0.001° 0.001° Rotation Speed min -1 22.2 44.4 Total Reduction Ratio 1/90 1/45 Indexing Accuracy sec ±30 ±30 Net Weight kg 30 30 MAX Work Load on the Table Vertical kg 30 30 Horizontal kg 60 60 MAX Thrust Load applicable on the Table N 8800 8800 (F X L) N.m 65 65 (F X L) N.m 220 220 MAX Work Inertia [Vertical] kg m2 0.04 0.02 Driving Torque N.m 36 27

This is the smallest CNC Rotary Table manufactured by Nikken Kosaksuho in Osaka, Japan. With pneumatic clamping this rotary table is used by many on their small vertical machining centres to deliver fourth axis capabilities at an affordable price. The CNCZ105 comes with a high-speed motor as standard that can quickly deliver a substantial return on investment. The rotary table can be supplied with a range of motors and controllers to best meet your particular requirements.