Renishaw Dual Optical Inspection & Tool Setting System

Technical Specification: 

Renishaw's new twin probe optical signal transmission system uses a single optical receiver for tool setting probe and spindle-mounted touch probe installations, offering fast integration and a cable-free machine environment. The system is easily integrated on a wide range of machining centres and CNC milling machines, offering users automated on-machine tool setting, tool breakage detection, part set-up and part verification capability.

A typical twin probe system will comprise the new Renishaw OTS tool setter and Renishaw OMP40-2 inspection probe, but other compatible spindle-mounted touch probes with modulated optical transmission may also be used. The cableless tool setter design is particularly suitable for machines with twin pallets or rotary tables, which historically have proven challenging for installations of hard-wired tool setters.

OMI-2TThe twin probe system uses Renishaw’s OMI-2T optical receiver, incorporating Renishaw’s new modulated optical transmission, which has been designed to offer the highest levels of resistance to light interference. The OMI-2T is also used to activate either the spindle-mounted touch probe or tool setting probe, and gives visual indication of the activated device.